About Us

The Fredericksburg Clinic was established March 27, 1937 by Dr. Perry T. Donop. At that time the clinic was named Donop Hospital and Clinic. In 1939 it was sold to a group of physicians who changed the name to Fredericksburg Hospital and Clinic. The current name, Fredericksburg Clinic arose in 1976. This coincided with the founding of Hill Country Memorial Hospital. The clinic is located 0.8 miles south of the hospital. The clinic is known for providing excellent medical care in a warm, caring atmosphere. The Fredericksburg Clinic is the largest clinic in Gillespie County, and continues to give personal care to each patient.


The clinic is comprised of four Board Certified Internal Medicine Physicians, and four Board Certified Family Practice Physicians. The Internists provide care for adults, while the Family Practitioners care for patients of all ages.
Working alongside our physicians are two certified Nurse Practitioners, who see patients of all ages. Diagnostic services are also available within the clinic. All practitioners manage acute and chronic health conditions.